Daniel, joined AKORN as head of our financial planning arm in July 2020, his tenacity and passion to help clients fits with the AKORN ethos perfectly. Daniel has worked within financial services since he was 19 years old, with a wealth of experience from various roles from advice to head of learning and development. He intends to draw on this expanse of experience to help even more clients by growing our team of in-house financial planners.

As part of Daniel’s personal development, he was intrigued about the psychology of success and why people invest the way they do so Daniel has set on a journey to learn more about the Psychology of Investing by becoming a Master NLP Practitioner and an executive coach.

Daniel Says “I am incredibly passionate individual. I am fully committed and dedicated to the people and communities that I work with, ensuring the very best in support and advice to further develop their own version of themselves, and future generations by using my many years of experience and the very best financial planning tools we have at our disposal.”